Custom-Cut Mirrors

Mirrors of All Shapes & Sizes

Add a touch of elegance to a bathroom or expand the look of a room with vanities, framed mirrors, and custom mirrored walls from Glass Tech.

Using mirrors in your home or office can do much more than decorate a room; they can change its entire dynamic. Glass Tech has years of experience helping homeowners and business owners use mirrors to help change the appearance of bathrooms, board rooms, living rooms, and more.


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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

A bathroom vanity can change the style of a bathroom dramatically. By adding a vanity, you can easily change your small, plain bathroom into a cozy, elegant room that a typical house hold will use more than the dining room. Glass Tech can work with you to help you get a mirror or vanity that will match existing bathroom fixtures and complete the look you are going for.

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Custom Bathroom Mirrors