Glass Table Tops

Custom Glass Tabletops

Building a custom glass table top or replacing the glass for an existing table is easy with the experts at Glass Tech...

With all the options available for glass table tops and replacement glass, it's easy to match the look and style of any room or patio. From large conference room tables to smaller glass end tables, Glass Tech can help you design or replace glass for any table top.

Glass Table Top

Not only do we offer a variety of glass shades, tints, and other options, but our custom framing and beveling means you can add an extra element of style and elegance to any table top glass.

Selecting the Glass For a Table Top

If you need to replace the glass for a table, there are a number of contributing factors to consider. From the type of glass that can be used, to the thickness, color, bends and edgework - all must be considered in order to achieve the best possible look. When you call Glass Tech, you'll be working with an experienced glass professional that will help guide and coach you through the selecting process, ensuring that the finished product will be nothing short of stunning.

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